Analyze the strength of the teams playing. If you are not well versed in football, then read on the Internet special sites football statistics. In the analysis of forces important to consider what part they intend to play the match. Often a strong command of the minor for their matches put a second or third composition, and this significantly reduces their chances of winning.
Note odds in the bookmakers. As a rule, a high ratio suggests that the team has little chance to win, and Vice versa.
Matters the circumstance where the game is played. If it's a home game for one team, then the likelihood of her winning is significantly increased. This is especially true of those countries where soccer is especially popular in England, Italy, Brazil. In these countries the role of the fans is very big due to their boisterous support of their favorite team.
Keep in mind that they can be match-fixing. This is especially practiced in the national Championships. Analyze the standings, possibly for one of the teams, the match will not solve anything. This team could theoretically negotiate with the other team about the outcome of the match, beneficial to the enemy.
Connect to all of the above my intuition, and 80 percent you can guess the outcome desired of the match. But remember that there are another 20% who depend solely on good luck and fortune.