Pick a good comfortable shoes for training. Do not buy too narrow. Also it should not hang on the foot. Best of all, if it's will be tough shoes for Futsal or regular boots. Anyway, they have you exactly to the right size feet.
Purchase football hard leather ball. Train right for a good professional shell, this will help you with the official game or performance. Make sure that the ball was well pumped up before training.
Select a place for training. Let it be any free Playground or football field. The coating has no special meaning. Train together with friends or associates. As a rule, when studying together, the progress in kicking the ball is achieved much faster, because it becomes effective gambling encounter.
Train balance body for a long time. Before you fill the ball with your foot, perform the following simple exercise. Stand on right leg, bend left knee and lift upwards and keep your arms at chest level. Try to stay that way in a few minutes. Do the same with the left leg. This simple technique will help you concentrate and retain the balance for a long time.
Fill just two legs. Now it's time for the gaskets. Slightly bend your back leg, straighten the front, and stuff a few test times. Elongate your spine and dictate the tempo of the hand movements. Look carefully at how they move the ball. Try to get a foot in the middle of the ball so that it flew up and away. At this moment confused many beginners. Fill also the other leg, despite the fact that for freestyle, you can only use one. This will give you an edge over your opponents in the competition.
Hone your skills on a regular basis. When you understand how to fill, to comply with the coordination and the trajectory of the ball, start to constantly consolidate their skills on the field. Do this continuously and document the results of how you could fill the ball of each foot. All this will lead you to a rapid progress in the gasket with the ball.