Don't be afraid to play. Throw away all your prejudices and understand that without training, will not play, but if you will be afraid to do something wrong and it will laugh at you, no training will not work.
If you are sure that you will be able to train yourself, enroll in any section or school, where you learn to play football. There all will be the same as you, a novice, and besides, there are professional trainers who know exactly how you need to train.
Motivate yourself. Remember that, no matter how much you trained, no effect will be if this process brings you pleasure. The intended target, constantly looking for things that will motivate you. For this, you can see some interesting matches, read about their favorite players etc.
Be persistent. With the first exercise you are unlikely to be able to play at the level of world stars. Train and hone your skills needs to be constantly and tirelessly, training should be systematic, and not from time to time.
Before each exercise perform a warm-up. Run a few laps around the field or Playground, do a few exercises to warm up your muscles.
Purchase training comfortable shoes and equipment. Since you're not the most professional player, do not try to buy the most expensive professional trainers and Shin pads for the feet. Is that your form was convenient and not expensive.
Study the specialized literature and different methods on the subject of football to improve. Watch online video lesson, get tips from seasoned players.
Start a healthy lifestyle. Totally abstain from alcohol and cigarettes – they are not compatible with such sports as football. The fact that, in addition to the negative impact on the body, it deadens your desire for training. And remember: the main thing is to always go for their goals and not to stop, and then you certainly will succeed. I wish you success.