You will need
  • - the ball;
  • - two plastic bottles;
  • - soft toys.
The advantage of soccer is the fact that this sport there are no obstacles – even a small increase will not be a hindrance (such as in basketball and volleyball). Begin to teach your child the game of football, starting with one and a half years, when the baby to learn how to confidently and have a good run without falling every two or three steps.
Buy, sew custom-made or make yourself protective gear: elbow pads or knee pads. This will protect your baby from bruises sustained during the many falls.
Inflate the ball. It should be elastic, not too hard and not soft. Use balls of different weights for their workouts. Spend most of the class with a ball hanging on a rope and attached to a stick. This will greatly save time to prepare – don't have to constantly chasing a ball, which so far has thrown the favorite son or daughter in the time of the next filing.
Teach the child the right to kick a stationary ball. Show me how to do it with run and. Show your little goalie the flow of the ball – his knockout of the handles knee and leg. Start to teach dribbling. Show the technique of drop on the Mat when making attempts to touch the ball with his foot at the moment of impact.
Make the notion of a free kick. Switch roles – your child needs to be a defender, striker. At the age of fifteen years, playing soccer with an adult is very useful - the baby immediately takes over all rules. In addition, you can play even at home, putting in the gate as two of the toys on the sides.
Model the studied elements. After one or two months, start learning new. Show baby bumps head and heel. Teach him to get the ball into the goal (take a bottle or a stuffed toy).