Purchase a comfortable sport shape designed for football matches, and select a suitable site for training. A great option for you would be a closed room with hardwood flooring.
Buy a good soccer ball (optional) one of the most expensive) and inflate it so that it is slightly caved in under the intense pressure of a finger on his tire. It will add to him jumping, and you ease in learning.
Mash, do some simple exercises like the following two things: 1) throw the ball on the floor, and when he would bounce off the floor, perform a circular swing leg around the ball; 2) make the roll forward on the foot, toe of the feet throw the ball vertically to the top and catch him. We perform these and other exercises for each leg.
Move on to more complicated tricks. Hold the ball between the legs in the region of the feet, and then jump up in the air take off the clip, throw the ball up, then quickly turn around 180 degrees and catch the ball with his hands. Another trick of the categories is slightly more complex is the following: hold the ball between the heel of the right foot and the ankles left, then throw with the left foot ball heel on the right and it throw the ball up, catch it.
Learn to dribble. For this position on the training ground special cones, which you'll find in sports store, and tracing them, using more diverse actions, such as rotating around the ball, lines legs around him, tossing the ball toes of the foot through the cone, and so on. Experiment and practice.
Watch videos with soccer tricks and take inspiration from football matches.