Practice purposefully. To an outside observer it may seem that all the players are equal, but it is not so: each position exposes their claims to the athlete, and therefore much more productive to train, clearly knowing what to expect. So, the goalkeeper must hard to train legs and reaction, moreover, it is desirable to have high growth. Extreme defender must have good jumping ability and a tendency to "pin" the game. For a Central defender, the determining quality is endurance, because throughout the game he runs several kilometers. It is obvious that the attacker must possess strong personal qualities, the ability "to create a goal-scoring opportunity" and to seize the initiative.
Do it methodically. The football game begins long before entering the field: training should take place 3-4 times a week (more often them not to do, because the body needs healthy recreation) and include aspects discussed later. It is highly desirable to conduct long lesson with a small load.
Hard work to physical form. The main qualities that require development are speed and endurance. The easiest way to be the best on the field to have enough forces at the moment when the other players are completely "exhausted". One of the simplest methods of training – long run with accelerations (40 minutes around a football field, each lap speeding along the shorter side).
A lot of work with the ball. To complicate the above cross can be dribbling along one of the sides more than once per round. Train various ways of doing the rounds, "feints". Play with the wall: for example, give a pass to the obstacle so that the ball never touched the ground. If you can train blow for long distances, worked on his accuracy.
Start training with any football club. No matter how large or successful: the main thing that it will carry out systematic and targeted training, including physical training and tactical. Training in a team is always more productive, because the load, if necessary, you can increase, however, the game with the opponent and the tactical wagering combinations alone to learn will not work.