You will need
  • - gym;
  • sports form;
  • stadium;
  • coach.
Select the position that best suits your skills and athletic ability. Trainers – those people whose job is to control your weak and strong points. If you feel that you are not getting valuable guidance from a mentor, visit the football camp or Academy, where you will have a lot of support. Listen to advice and work on yourself.
Develop a system of training for mass and for strengthening the heart, which is necessary for your position on the field. Focus on the implementation of this plan. Throughout his career, the player must maintain a very high level of physical activity and coordination, to avoid injury and prolong his career. Each position requires a particular body type and physical fitness. Pay close attention to it!
Practice every day. The only way you will be able to get to the big game. Football is a psychological game first. Broad-shouldered defender will be useless if can not play as it should on the "second floor" and accelerate at the right time. Model the game for your position as often as possible. Again, you must help the mentors. Use other outside resources to hone their skills: books, Internet, magazines. Study them and improve.
Do not ever miss games. Develop your skills in every training session and game. The lack of games and practices can be very detrimental to your professional career.
Don't forget classes at school. Always attend to all the items and donate all the time. Your academic performance is as important as physical fitness. It is often noticed by the coaches of the teams with whom you will play. Thereby you will be able to notice.
Come to view in a professional team as often as possible. Show the coaching staff what you can at the moment. After you listen to advice and correct their mistakes. The sooner you hone your skills, the faster you will be in big football.