A wrist sprain is an injury to the ligaments around the wrist. Usually injured ligaments that hold together the lower ends of the two bones of the forearm – the radius and ulna, or the ligaments which unite the bones of the wrist.
When you stretch the wrist there is a sharp pain, joint instability, wrist swelling, and range of motion in this area becomes limited.
Immediately after injury, the injured arm must be put up and attach to the wrist cold ice wrapped in a cloth or towel soaked in cold water. After half an hour the cold is removed and the hand in the wrist area tight bandage. The next step is the emergency room.
If the doctor finds that the cords or fabric of the whole, and was only a sprain, to treat the injury at home. To reduce pain and the swelling for two days to the affected area need to apply cold. These days injured joint, it is desirable to provide rest. To do this, the sprained wrist you can use the pendant loop.
To trauma not accumulate fluid, at times open your and squeeze the joint. To reduce the pain take a painkiller. It will also accelerate healing of the injury anti-inflammatory drugs.
A new treatment for sprains of the wrist is bioenergiesysteme treatment using electrotherapeutic device prologue 02.
After about a week the pain from stretching subsides and the swelling goes down. You can now resume normal operation of the joint, performing rehabilitation exercises. You can start with circular motions to warm up the joint and ligaments. If this exercise causes pain, discontinue the execution. So the ligaments haven't healed.
When exercises will not cause pain, you can begin to strengthen the muscles around the injury. To do this is to consult with a physical therapist who will offer a special set. When playing sports, try to not load the injured area.