When stretching of the foot happens the anguish of ligamentssurrounding the joint. Depending on its extent, the severity of the injury. Mild stretching you will be able to move independently. The pain will be weak, and soft tissue swelling is insignificant. At the second degree of stretching, you will feel pain when moving and a little swelling. A third degree sprain, in which there is a strong ligament rupture accompanied by severe pain and complete inability to move. Self-treatment in this situation may not hold. Need to immediately call an ambulance. Damage to the foot may be accompanied by fracture or crack in the bone, so any tension you need to go to the doctor and x-rays.
Regardless of the extent of the injury, provide a rest stop. Remove shoes and socks. Place foot on a small elevation. Place under the foot with a soft cloth and apply ice. Ice will slow down the blood circulation and reduce swelling. If possible, secure the stop with an elastic bandage or splint. Elastic bandage is secured in the form of eight. One loop is held under the foot, and the second – goes to the Shin. Try not to move your foot and do not strain your muscles, otherwise you injure the ligament even more. Transport the victim is held in a horizontal position.
For the treatment of foot use the ultrasound, analgesics to relieve pain and inflammation, special ointments. From ointments the most common "Indovazin", "Caffeine", "Diclofenac", "Fastum-gel". The ointment is applied three times daily to intact skin. Then stop that is fixed by elastic bandage. The course of treatment is 7-14 days.
The first two days on the foot is applied to the ice 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes. On the third day when the swelling subsides, you can carry out a foot massage and do compresses of vodka. During treatment, it is desirable to keep at home and avoid any stress on the foot.