First actions upon injury "Achilles"

If you feel pain in the Achilles tendon, dizziness, severe headache, and darkening of the eyes, consult your doctor who will determine the extent of injury. In the case of simple stretching, you will be prescribed physical therapy, but if the tendon torn, no surgery and proper treatment do not work.

In no case do not try to endure the pain – you can substantially complicate the situation and worsen the condition of the injured extremity.

So, if you just stretched the "Achilles" do yourself first aid. Attach to the tendon of the cabbage leaf, wrap leg with elastic bandage and wrap her in a warm soft scarf. Lie with compress for about an hour, after that replace the fresh cabbage leaf and again wrap the leg with bandage and scarf. Try not to step on the affected leg to stretch the tendon even more. To take the pressure off the damaged area and to normalize blood circulation it will help slices of raw potatoes laid on the gauze, which you need to wrap a sore ankle.

How to treat Achilles tendon at home

After rendering first aid in the stretching of the Achilles, the foot must be protected from loads. Try to move around using a cane or a crutch, eat cheese, dairy products and calcium supplements that strengthen the tendons and nourish the weakened muscles. To speed up the process of recovery, prepare a nutritious drink made from goat's milk mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Drink half a Cup of the beverage twice a day, at lunch and before bed.

Using natural products will greatly facilitate the restoration of damaged tendon and will be much cheaper than drugs from the pharmacy.

In the evenings, be sure to attach the "Achilles" pack of painkillers and anti-inflammatory balms and ointments. Well-proven and tools such as "Caffeine" and "Fastum gel", which effectively relieve pain and speed healing of damaged tissues. You can also use green pharmacy mash the plantain leaves to a pulp and apply it on the affected area. Top cover the compress with a bandage and lie down in a relaxed state, without straining the leg. Remember that when stretching the Achilles tendon doctors do not recommend to make any therapeutic massages, breaking the peace of the limb.