Some believe that the muscles begin to ache from the fact that they lack the load and trying to suppress the pain for more exercise. That's completely wrong. Your pulled muscle is in need of additional heating, but only before exercise or performance. If to strain it now, you will only aggravate the situation. The best is to just give the muscle a rest and not use it while in any exercise.

Pain perfectly remove the warming compresses. It can be alcohol, pepper tincture on alcohol or any anti-inflammatory ointments with anesthetics. The compress should be kept in for several hours, preferably overnight. As for medicinal rubbing, hold them together with a warming massage. This therapy can help relieve not only the pain but also reduce swelling.

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways to relieve pain from sprains is a hot bath. In water the body weight decreases becomes smaller and the load on your suffering muscle. In addition, the hot water relieves the pain and gives you an unforgettable bliss. After the bath works better and massages and compresses, so it can be used in treatment of sports injuries and injuries.

But to restore the load should be gradually. In no case do not stop engaging in all – this will only aggravate the situation and after some time, instead of one stretched muscles you can get similar sensations throughout the body. Just lower the intensity, and treat your muscle gently and patiently. Very good impact swimming. In water the body weight decreases, so the job requires less effort. You will be able to develop muscle without causing her harm grueling workouts.

If you are strongly drawnand the leg or arm, during classes or performances, it is better to put the ice and to raise higher, to avoid edema. In severe cases it is recommended to take spasmolytic and pain reliever and consult a doctor. Remember that if muscle pain eventually passes, but only intensifies, and you see the obvious symptoms of deterioration, to self-medicate is not worth it. Better entrust the care of their health with a qualified specialist.