Written feedback on standard A4 paper format and formatted in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003 "Unified systems of the documentation. Unified system of organizational and administrative documentation. Requirements to paperwork".
Write a title containing the word "Review" and specify the item for which you give his assessment of the degree work, scientific work, scientific and technical development.
Describe the topic of the work, assess the relevance of its condition and need solutions. It is possible to result comparison with existing global and Russian counterparts, to indicate the differences.
Give a brief overview of the structure and on the contents of its sections.
Rate the dignity of work, quality of its performance. If there are any flaws, write about them, and separately list those that should be eliminated in a certain period of time.
Tell us about the practical significance of the work, how the results will affect economic performance, or to increase productivity. Tell me what will give this work in scientific terms or for production.
Give direct assessment work in terms of quality – "Excellent", "Good" or "Satisfactory".
Sign work with their full regalia and positions.