Remember the first impression, you might have an initial visit pre-school. Mention courteous treatment head of DOE. Also describe the experiences of a child who came in the children's garden for the first time.
Very important will be the description of your level of professional activity of the staff of the children's garden. Describe how teachers interact with children, parents of the pupils. List the techniques that they use in their work. Emphasis make on those teachers particularly good. Check the quality of services in preschool (educational activities, medical services, etc.). Also, note all the positive aspects of the work of the personnel of preschool institutions (carrying out Generalgardenovskih of events, organization of participation of the parents of pupils in the management of the preschool institution, etc.). Also describe the relevance of providing children's gardenohms of additional educational services (clubs, record clubs, etc.).
In the opinion describe the aesthetics of interior decoration preschool. Check the feasibility of the elements of decor, color scheme, arrangement of premises.
Special attention when you write a review make a note of the quality of the organization of nutrition of preschool children. Take advantage of the right of parents to participate in control activities (cooking, fetching a group, layout, table layout, etc.). The testing results also document review.
In addition, the review check the quality of work with parents. Describe the level event with the participation of the parents of pupils, the ability to motivate them, the relevance of the chosen topics. In addition, describe your impressions of children's participation in exhibitions, contests, competitions. All this will become very important in the evaluation of the children's garden.