If you were asked to write a review about a children's garden, start with how long your child attends this preschool institution. Write if he came in a manger, about the period of adaptation. For example: My son started attending this daycare since he was two. Caregivers and the nurse were able to create a more favorable emotional atmosphere that the adaptation period passed quickly and quietly.
Write about how the work in kindergarten: what time you can bring the kids and when you need to take. If he's working around the clock, also note in the review. Let, are you satisfied with this mode of operation of the institution.
Describe what is the condition of the premises, furniture, toys, complying with the sanitary-hygienic norms. Reflect the opinion, whether the children are special rooms for bedrooms or set the cots in the game room, as these rooms are cosy and functional.
It must mention how healthy and diverse meals in the kindergarten, whether in the menu, vegetables and fruits. If the child loses weight, comes hungry or refuses to eat in kindergarten, it is necessary to establish control of the parent Committee for the work of the kitchen.
Leave a comment on what educational programme there are teachers, there is an individual approach to each child, what are the successes of children.
Write, if organized in the preschool institution work groups and sections, on a paid or free basis it is made.
If in a kindergarten regularly organizes festivals, game programs, show theater, mark this.
Rate the professionalism of the teaching staff, as well as the personal qualities of educators.For example:
Educators were able to establish good contact with parents regularly consult. They are considerate and friendly.