You will need
  • - monitoring data of the child for life in the group;
  • - a computer with a text editor:
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
Observe your child. If he attends a group long enough, you already know a lot about how things are going. Small children usually copy adults. The teacher has an important place in the life of the child, and the child often assumes is his role in the games. Organize a game, invite a child to be the caregiver and see how it will behave. If he is calm, affectionate and fun treats her toys - children, to safely handle the pen.
The opinion suggests a more free form of presentation, rather than a feature. Specify the education and total work experience of the teacher in this case is not necessary. The word "opinion" write your surname, name and patronymic of the teacher, room or group name and number of the kindergarten. How much time the tutor works with your child.
Describe how the teacher relates to children. Readily your child goes to a group? What he tells you, coming home? Please note how tidy the kid comes from the garden. Tell you wear it for a walk.
Write what your child has learned during his stay in the group, led by this teacher, there was the baby new knowledge and interests. Look, how often does the group have conflicts and how the teacher copes with them.
Tell us about how often the teacher gives you information about the child. If he tells you about the problems, gives advice on how to overcome difficulties, whether willingly answers your questions? Do you find needed information in the parent area and in conversations with the teacher?
Write whether the teacher is attentive to all children, whether among children of those with whom he treats worse. Chat with other parents. Ask them to share what qualities of the teacher they consider to be most positive. As a rule, a good teacher is not in the group of favorites and outcasts. In addition, it is equally easy in contact with all parents.
Specify whether you like the atmosphere in the group. Pure there whether the observed temperature and airing schedule? Ask the user which should be in every garden, not necessarily. But you yourself must pay attention to what children go in the room and open there Windows in the morning and evening.
Tell us about how the educator works with the family. Help parents to arrange a group to fill it with toys and AIDS that are there in the "open days" for parents, family holidays? Remember the most interesting thing you saw.
Note, if you quietly feel at work when your child is in kindergarten. Are you sure that with him all is well? Minor injuries happen even where children are always busy and never left unattended. However, if something happened to a child should be able to help and in any case not to hide the incident from parents. If the teacher is not afraid of responsibility and always puts you on notice about the unpleasant cases with the child — be sure to mention this.
Write a review on the draft. If you want the opinion of the team parents — check what you wrote with others. Maybe they want something to correct or Supplement. Opinion is not a strict form of documentation. It can be handwritten or typed on the computer. If you write it by hand, make it clear and understandable handwriting. Having printed the text on the computer, don't forget under the text specify the date and the signature. Sign the document by hand.