You will need
  • - sheet/postcard.
If the teacher systematically allowing gross violations of the rights of students (unflattering remarks in the address, refusal to accept credit or exam at the scheduled time, failing to attend lectures and seminars without warning, etc.), students begin to write a negative review about his work. But in such cases it is advisable to write not a review but a complaint. The fact that even in its form is not suitable for claims. In the format of the document is not the addressee. But in a written complaint you can specify the name in which it is served (to the rector, Dean, head of Department).
Positive feedback to staff you can dedicate to a specific date (the professional holiday, prom evening, anniversary of teaching). This document allows a tinge of solemnity. Write it on a special form or a large postcard.
The official "cap" this review is not required. You can direct the text to the teacher, then start it with an appeal (dear name), or consult the manual. In this case, write: "Professor F. I. O. teaches in group number_ 200_ year."
Further describe his relationship with the students. Prefer emotive vocabulary. For example, "lovely", "mental", "open", "uncommon", etc. This will help you to Express your thoughts more clearly and succinctly. Remember that the amount of withdrawal should not exceed the A4 format.
List all of the scientific expedition in which you were accompanied by the teacher. Leave a comment not only all the events in which he participated, but also the high level of their conduct.
Sign opinion the whole team.
If you want to help unjustly accused incompetent teacher, you may also write a review. But in this case it is better for each student to write their individual opinion. Because each student will have their arguments in defense of the teacher and together all these documents will be more significant than a collective opinion.
When drafting the text do not give vent to emotions, bring as many facts that promote a positive image of this teacher, otherwise, your words can be taken lightly. Because when any proceedings are taken into account the real circumstances, not subjective assessment.