Keep in mind that your opinion is only a kind of performance. Moreover, there is no regulation for its completion. You can compose a document in written form or typed on a computer. Of course, the second is preferable, because it frees the recipient from the necessity of the analysis of your handwriting style. Therefore, insert the printer's standard paper and start typing on the computer with the centered title "Feature".
The main text start with the name, name and patronymic colleagues, who characterize. Next, write the office held, the date of adoption the date of transfer (if any) and the reasons for it. Let the level of education, qualification of the staff. It is appropriate to talk about available academic degrees and titles. List his duties and proceed to the description of his professional and personal qualities.
Write what you think about his attitude toward labor discipline, the ability to manage and organize the process of work, etc. Let the number of his subordinates or, on the contrary, point his mentor. Describe the form and style of their relationships (sociability, politeness, diligence, etc.), cooperation. Report about the attitude of colleagues (enjoys the respect, credibility, not trustworthy, etc.).
Then describe his ability to learn and acquire new knowledge, skills, and the ability to apply them. Periods of training, passing specialized practice, etc. identify the promotion (prize promotion), censure (reprimand, comments). Be sure to justify their use, describe the reasons.
Focus in on the characteristics required for the job quality of the business. It may be attentiveness and punctuality, or creativity and innovation. Select a high capacity for work and a conscientious attitude to work. Sign opinion, putting your own name and initials, position.