You will need
  • Thesis, analytical skills
Letterhead-reviewand should contain the name of the educational institution that completes the student and faculty.
Below you should indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the graduate and the topic of his thesis.
A review is an evaluation of the quality of work on three major topics:- General characteristics of the thesis.
- The nature of the student.
- Approbation of research results.
Graduation assessment quality level: high, medium, low. Opposite the evaluated criterion in the appropriate level column put a check.
General characteristics of the thesis involves assessing the following criteria: topic relevance.
- The logic and structure of presentation.
- The quality of the review and analysis of the literature.
- Correctness of citations and references given in the text of quotes of other authors.
- The correctness and validity of the choice of research methods.
The quality of the empirical material.
- Careful processing of the experimental data.
- Correctness of formulation of own conclusions.
- Compliance of conclusions with the goals and objectives of the thesis.
The quality of the design of diploma.
The nature of the student is evaluated on the following parameters:- the Independence plan.
- Independence of the study.
- Implementation of advice of the supervisor.
- Timely fulfillment of tasks of each stage of training diploma.
- The level of abilities and skills of scientific research.
- Activity and initiative of the student.
Approbation of the research results revealed through criteria:- the Number of scientific conferences and seminars, which were attended by the student (indicate number).
- Number of publications on the research topic.
- The existence of instruments of implementation (Yes/no).
The conclusion should include a summary evaluation of the thesis and the agreement (or disagreement) of the supervisor to assign the student the appropriate specialty, as well as his signature and the date of writing the review.
Feedback on the thesis attached to the diploma and shall be in writing on a special form.