Please rate the relevance of the topic of the project. It should have value not only as a contribution to science, but the idea that you can bring to life in the modern world. Write a review how high practical relevance in the case of introduction of the developments in life.
Check the novelty of the work. It is important that the creators of the projectand brought something new in already investigated earlier sector or (especially valuable) has developed a completely not studied until this point. In the second case, note also the presence or absence of theoretical base and ability of the authors of the projectand to work with a limited number of resources.
Analyze the main provisions of the draft. Note the pros and cons of each, evaluate the adequacy of the methods used, the sufficiency of reasoning and the validity of the findings. Also calculate the percentage of theoretical and practical parts of the work, make a conclusion about the rationality of such distribution depending on the themes of the project.
Note the depth of the topic and the logical presentation of the material. Every conclusion reinforce the arguments and quotations from the work.
Check out how well designed a projectif it meets the rules established for this type of research. If there are errors, write what and how they are significant.
Rate the practical importance of the project. Tell us what exactly it will occur and under what conditions it would be more rational to use the provided work.
Arrange your review in accordance with the regulations. Typically, in such reviews in the first row of the worksheet specifies the name of the projectand the names and initials of the authors. Then using the indent is written the main text, divided according to meaning into paragraphs. At the bottom of the last page, the surname, initials and title of the reviewer, put his signature and date of the document. If necessary, the signature of the seal of the office of the organization which employs the author of the review.