Thanks to the feedbackon the shortcomings of the teacher recognize a wide range of the public and the Director will have to take action. But feedback can be positive — in this case, you'll just do a nice good teacher, the efforts which you have appreciated.
The negative opinion. When you are not satisfied with methods of teaching, do you think that the teacher puts an unfair rating, write a review. Take a sheet of A4, at the top center, write the name of the school in which the teacher teaches, then two indents below the center of the word "opinion", indent one and a half down - you can indicate the topic, for example: "Improper performance of professional duties as a teacher Petrova I. I.". The first line of feedbackand usually begin: "Petrov I. I., the teacher of mathematics, during their teaching activities in the classroom No., has established itself as unfair and incompetent specialist, demonstrating indifference to the students (if the teacher does not notice the looming conflict in the team), attitude to the students with prejudice (former C-student did not pass the exam on the foursome, even if it's a good training), mismatch position (teacher cannot explain the material to students)".You then have to expound the essence of the problem associated with the teacher, and at the end of the reviewand to make a PostScript: "Please take action".
Positive feedback not to write in official form. Would be much nicer for the teacher to hear feedback about themselves in poetic form. Compose funny quatrains dedicated to the teaching style of the teacher. Use his signature phrase and favorite expressions. The teacher will not only be a pleasing manifestation of your attention to it, but it would be useful to know what people think about it students.
Do not write too large in terms of opinion — it should not exceed one sheet of A4. The opinion must be signed. Write in block letters your surname, initials and a number sign.