You will need
  • Handle
  • A sheet of paper
  • Sincere feelings
Don't postpone writing the letter of condolence for a long time. If you are not able to pay their respects for two weeks after the tragic events, it's not worth it for him to take.
Be brief. When someone is going through such a difficult event, it is unlikely he will find the strength to read long soboleznuju message.
Should not be too pompous. Important emotional support, not a literary form in which you Express it. The one who grieves may simply not understand what you mean, if the letter is written is too flowery.
Make sure that you know exactly how to spell the name and patronymic of the deceased. If you screw it up somehow, it will be offensive and unforgivable mistake.
Start your letter with what you learned about the loss and what did you feel about this news. It is not necessary to write about what you represent that is now experiencing the grieving, even if you've already been through a similar experience. Grief for each is a deeply personal experience. Write "I can't imagine what you have now to pass".
Offer your support, but only in a specific area. Heartbroken people are unlikely just to think about what support he needs, but if you do offer something needed, it will be easier to consider your offer.
If you have something to remember about the deceased, you can write a few lines about how he was. Sometimes people become a little bit easier when they just see the name of the beloved, know that he has warm memories of someone else.
Finish the letter with your heartfelt sympathy and hope that time will little to dull the pain experienced by the recipient.