You will need
  • A fitted belt at the waist
  • Warm water
  • A chair or a hanger
  • Button extender
  • Fabric for stripes
  • Iron
  • Clothespins
Select the appropriate method of stretching jeans. If your favorite pants don't agree on the belt, do not just stand on the scales. Perhaps it is not superfluous you have dialed kilograms, and in the wash. During wear items of denim stretched, and after washing down approximately one size. Try to stretch shrunken jeans in a prone position, tight to fasten them and post. Can be worn on the waist-fitting belt as a thick gum (e.g., orthopedic). This extra intensive stretch jeans, and protecting your body from the strong friction.
Use the stretch belt jeans warm water. Soak the belt in a basin of warm water or pobresita on it from a spray bottle. Wear jeans. If they are not stretched out, wet with water and pull any spacer: the back of a chair, a coat hanger. Wait until dry trousers or accelerate drying area of the belt with a hot iron. Usually thus stretch the waistband of jeans for 1-3 see Particularly well increase in size jeans, in the manufacture of which were used for elastic fiber.
Try to strengthen the waistband of jeans a practical device for the elongation of the trousers at the waist – button closure with a loop-band. It can be made with your own hands or purchase in the online store. Elastic loop you hook into the native button jeans button up pants and oversized button-extender. So you can win a few centimeters. Wear the same jeans will have, releasing the top of the shirt or blouse.
Pomeshivayte jeans, if all of these methods suits you. Gently strut side seams and make a wedge-shaped stripes. Look good pasted from the skin; can be also interesting to combine fabric with a suitable texture. Try to disguise the wedges extenders interesting applique or embroidery. If you are in doubt about your skill and are afraid to mess up a good thing, give extend jeans in the zone of a professional seamstress.