You will need
  • Scissors, blade, thread, sewing machine
If the weight gain is minor, and the product has large seam and tuck, it's simple. Fight back zone, strut side seams. Pristrochite Darts and seams, propuska to the desired size. The belt can be rearranged button, loop, hook.
But it happens more often that without radical methods can not do. In zone to expand the pants , you can insert pieces of the same fabric (if you're lucky) or similar. The latter will have to beat a mismatch of colors in other accents, such as on the pockets. There are two methods:- sew the Fabric with hand stitches. Loop cut, nastavite belt, make a new loop, sewn;- belt fight back, arrange back seam, again pristrochite. If you fail to do the job quietly, it's a place you can hide with a belt.
To extend the pants in the hips, too, there are a variety of ways. You can insert wedges of the same fabric, the thrust on the hip side seams a few inches. You may have to do the insert throughout the length of the pants.
For summer trousers fit insert of lace. Strut pants at the side seam, precocity from the inside striped lace pristrochite the bias tape on the waistband. The belt will have to be re-done.
Jeans expand with the braid. Strut side seams. Several (the number is determined by the width of the insert) of the ribbon fold the crosswise in the middle, in the lower and upper part of the "cross" stitch braid, making wide stripes. Pristrochite tape across the entire width. Don't forget to pristroit braid and pockets.
Weekend dressy pants you can take out of satin ribbon to match. Introduced "stripes" will give your pant style and will visually slim.