The easiest and most affordable way to stretch jeans at home – soak them with water, then dress and have a little wear in the wet. The result of this method can be seen almost immediately – jeans quickly and effectively stretch. Watering water all the product or its certain part, which is the most in need. Like any other clothes to put on wet jeans is very difficult. To ease my task in the following way: to pull on a thing dry, and then thoroughly spray water from a spray bottle. Special attention should be paid to places where jeans are particularly tight. It is best to use warm water. To quickly stretch tight jeans, you can try to poprisedat, make a few bends in different directions or simply turn on your favorite music and dance. The main thing – not to sit in one place. It is important to remember that this method of stretching jeans is effective only for products in the composition of the material which include cotton, denim and some percentage of spandex. If the composition of the material includes synthetic fibers, to deal with the problem of tight jeans will be much harder.