Gently fight back waistband. Release the tuck. This will increase the girth of the pants in the waist area. If you want a little volume, put a little seam, making them less. So you will add volume in the hips. Sew the waistband back and replace button hook, sew it over the edge. Now pants will be a little freer.
Vsheyte in the side seams of the trousers or jeans braid or heavy lace. The width of strips should not exceed one centimeter. This is enough to significantly increase the size of the pants. Fight back the belt, release the side seams of the pants. Baste the strip between the two parts of the product. Pristrochite it on the sewing machine. Sew the waistband and leg bottom hem neatly. Carefully smooth out and iron all seams.
Wet your pants. Well, if it's jeans or leather pants, fashion ideal for them. Walk in them around the house for some time to stretch. Leather pants can get wet with Cologne or soap and water. After you wipe them with glycerine, so that they shone like new.
Lose weight or buy new pants.
If we are talking about making pants yourself, you can use the tips to increase the pattern pants. Increase the length of the pants, if the pattern does not meet your height. It is necessary to increase the size of the line of the buttocks to the knee and from him to the bottom. You also need to increase the length of the line of the buttocks to the hip line for a good landing. If you want to extend a curve, extend its sides to the desired inches and under of the line put the strips of paper.
Swipe from all points in the pattern the rays outward. Measure each segment equal to the increase in sizeand (a segment of 1 cm to increase pants one size, 2cm - two sizeand etc.). Connect the resulting points, repeating the curves of the original drawing. You have increased the size of the pants.