Pull it out of the pocket of jeans are all items that can crumble and create the volume when minimized. Gina lay on the floor or hold in your hands face (crotch) to him.
Fold jeans in half, combining the two legs together strictly seam to seam. Back pockets are on the outside of the bend. Smooth out the fabric. If on the front side of the jeans are rivets, protruding jewelry, chains and so on, the kind of thing it is better to turn right side out, i.e. back pockets inside.
Now holding the jeans exactly across the legs, fold them in half so that the end of the leg lies flat on the belt of his jeans.
Fold jeans in half one more time: the line of bend in the knees should lie exactly on the edge of the belt.
All. Jeans rolled up and can be packing in a suitcase, closet or bag.
To jeans were not formed folds after dense packing in a suitcase, they can be folded up Hiking way - roll. So, on a flat surface again fold the jeans in half. Take the bottom of both Trouser legs and start to roll them with thick cushion to the top, that is the belt. Such roller without fear of mash can be placed even on the bottom of the suitcase and save yourself from having to carry a travel iron.