You will need
  • Metal button, hammer, pliers, manual dexterity, good eyesight, patience.
A new button for the jeans buy in the sewing Department with accessories, if you have no backup copy. You can search for beautiful buttons in the Department of materials for repair of clothing. The main task - to find a metal button closure identical size. Some stores even offer services to order special copies. If you are a supporter of unusual and bright solutions, you will stop your choice on the original and a bright button, which will look even better than normal metal.
In the process of replacing buttons on jeans is almost not affected. Inspect the place where fell the old rivet. Usually where there is a small hole. Just try to gently mend her thread. Take care of their color to the hole was not so noticeable. If the leg of the old buttons are stuck in denim, then change it with a pliers and then pull it out. Try not to injure denim, acting with the utmost accuracy.
Traditionally, metal button rivet consists of legs and hats. Hat until set aside, and the sharp end legs make a new hole in the jeans and fix this part of the buttons in the fabric. Allowed making holes with hole punch. Paste the hat buttons in the leg. Now put your hat on straight and hard surface. For example, on the table. Take a hammer and gently hit them on the head. Thus, you simply will drive a leg in a hat.
Do not insert the leg buttons previously mended the hole. Experience shows that new button in the old place very quickly fails due to the fact that the hole in the tissue gradually increases. A thread break, and the buttons just POPs out. That is why the new button insert is slightly higher or lower relative to the old location. However, place the button not too far, otherwise the jeans will simply not converge at the waist.
There is another solution to the problem with jeans - just take them to the nearest repair service. Then you will avoid the hassle of selection buttons and its installation.