You will need
  • A piece of soap or a pencil, ruler, scissors, pins, sewing machine or needle and thread the color of the jeans.
Before beginning work, be sure to wash the new jeans. Soak them in warm water with the powder. Once after washing jeans to dry, try them on again. Maybe the fabric will shrink.
Try on jeans under shoes. If you bought the jeans under shoes with a heel, jeans are folded so that they do not have a fully closed heel. Once the length is determined, take the pins and clip away at the line of inflection. Remove the jeans.
Measure the length of the hem using a measuring tape. Remove the pins. Mark the border of the cut piece of soap or a pencil. The same procedure repeat with the reverse side. And also draw the soap line cut.
From the drawn line of the cut will stick to the bottom of the jeans still at 1.5 cm , check the staging line soap, and another will retreat to the bottom at 1.5 cm and again draw a line around the circumference of the reverse side of jeans. The lines were smooth, use a ruler.
Take the scissors and cut the fabric for the bottom line. Deviate from the line connecting seam on 3 mm on both sides and cut diagonally across the thickness of these seams to the line of inflection, that is, 1.5 cm up. This makes it easier to subsequently work with the hemming stitches. They are easier to soften and will not be too tight for sewing.
Rolling your jeans first 1.5 cm up to the staging line, then another 1.5 cm up (to the first drawn line of inflection), so that the cut of the jeans was inside the ACC. Lock pins from the front side of the jeans.
Remove the jeans on the front side and along the edge, departing at 3 mm, stitch on the sewing machine.
If it is not possible to sew jeans on the machine, can perform this job manually. To make it more convenient to work with a needle, each of the bending wear on the index finger, holding the fabric with thumb and middle finger. Best suited seam "back needle", but you can use a simple stizhkove method of sewing on the reverse side.
At the end of the sewing line iron bending iron. Try on jeans at the chosen shoes and enjoy the result of their work!