Denim fabric sits in the wash in hot water. Pour the boiled water into the deep pelvis and lower the jeans for 10-15 minutes, do not add the powder, otherwise the color will fade. While the jeans soak in the boiling water, prepare a bowl of cold water. Quickly remove the pants from boiling water and place in cold water for a few minutes. Then press the thing and dry it out. Typically, the material is very wrinkled and ironed denim effortlessly turn on steam on the iron. Can try on jeans and to evaluate the result, the important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you just can't wear the thing.
When you need to reduce the size of jeans, for example, after weight loss, the hot water obviously will not help. Decide the desired size and make a mark on the inside of the jeans. Factory welds until asprivate – it can be done later. Sew the marked spot on the sewing machine, better make a double stitch, then dismiss the factory seams. Treat overlook edge of the material so that they are not fluffed up. Wash the pants in warm water and can begin to wear. This method can not only to take in the pants, but also to correct problem areas to the hem in a certain place.
If you are sewing a total stranger, and wash them in hot water I'm afraid - please contact any sewing Studio. You will reduce the size to required, though the work will be done efficiently and professionally. To achieve the same result at home very difficult, because denim fabric is thick and its hard to sew on the machine without skills. But if you are with a sewing machine to "you", it means that you should be able without the help of professionals.