You will need
  • a basin, water, Ironing Board, spray bottle, iron, gauze, towel, pins, hydrogen peroxide.
If the new shirt is small, but you can't wait to show off in front of your friends, you need to wash it in the mode and at the temperature stated on the label. After that, the thing you need to carefully squeeze, put on and begin to lightly SIP it in the desired direction: downward, if you want to extend it in length, left and right, if it is small you wide.
There is another method to stretch the thing out of cotton or linen. Put it on the Ironing Board, sprinkle it with water from a spray bottle, apply the gauze and the iron go to the places that need to stretch, and your left hand pull on the fabric.
Products from the jeans tend to stretch, but if it still happens, then type in a basin of warm water, put it into his jeans, and after 5 minutes, carefully squeeze and pull them. Wear jeans for yourself, lie down on the floor to make it easier to tie them. Then stand up and slowly do 30 squats. Within the hour, do not remove jeans. This simple procedure can be done with dry jeans, but it will not be as effective.
If we are talking about woolen things, you need to prepare a bowl of cold water, then add water to the 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide in 12 liters of water, and then dipped in the resulting solution woolen thing that you need to stretch. Wait for 5 minutes and not to damage the structure of the material, gently stretch the clothes in the water. After the done procedure, without squeezing, hang the thing on a hanger and leave it on for 2 days.
There is another way to stretch the wool thing. It is necessary to prepare the basin with slightly warm water, add conditioner, leave clothes in the basin for 15 minutes. Then you need to prepare an old towel on the area exceeding the size of things, put it on the floor, then to get the thing out of the pelvis and put her on the towel. Next, you evenly stretch it out to size and fasten it with pins to the towel at a distance of 2 cm. If necessary, you can use some weight.