You will need
  • -pants;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -threads;
  • -scissors;
  • hook.
If you embroider the pants you need just a little bit, first fight back zone. Next, release the tuck, and leave a bit of allowance in each seam. Then pristrochite back waistband, parasyte a button or hook, make a new loop. If the pants has no belt, replace a button crochet – so pants will be a little freer.
If slacks or jeans are too small, you should try to increase them by sewing in the side seams of the braid, lace or other suitable material. First, pick a suitable option of fabric for sewing. To do this, measure the length perelyaeva of the product, multiply it by two and add ten inches to the allowances. The resulting figure is the required length of braid. Material width should not exceed 1 cm is enough to significantly increase the size of the clothes.
Gently fight back from the pants belt and laying them on the side seams. Baste the braid between the two parts on both sides. After that, be sure to try on pants to make any necessary adjustments.
Prostrochite tape on the side seams on the sewing machine. If the preliminary fitting showed that the waist to increase the size of the pants is not necessary, then gradually narrow down the braid to the waist line. Otherwise, sew the insert exactly.
Top clothes panel with bias binding which can be cut out of pieces of fabric. On the front side of the pants, attach the front of borders and prostrochite. Fold it inside out the pants again and Topstitch the seam, the width of which shall be not more than 0.7 cm At the sides, and fold the tips inside. Sew button or hook, make a loop of thread.
The bottom of the pants carefully and neatly hem, pre-protiv the braid to form the bend. When the thing is fully ready, well her iron.