You will need
  • Iron, washing powder and softening agent for cotton, towel, bed sheets, thin white cloth or gauze
Stretch jeans. If they are dirty, wash them in cool water (40 degrees) with a small amount of washing powder. Denim fade, so use the washing powder for colored Laundry. Rinse the pants in cool water and wring out. Lay them out full length on a horizontal surface in a towel. Hands straighten out the crumpled places on the fabric. To dry your pants can be hung by the belt. Do not tumble dry! Smooth, wet jeans hot iron through cheesecloth. Steamed in this way the fabric will be more pliable and will stretch in length and width according to your desire. To make it even better stretched, dry the jeans after each wash iron. Eventually the cotton will become softer, and you'll need less time to pull your favourite pair of pants.
To stretch knit blouse made of cotton, after washing, first rinse it in smyagchayusche. Then roll up in a clean towel and blot the moisture. Twist jerseys made of cotton during the spinning impossible. Dried so the camisole can be stretched to the desired size and leave to dry on the table, occasionally changing the towel.
Bathrobe Terry cotton fabric can be stretched in a different way. First of all, wash it in cool water with mild detergent. Rinse with softening medium and the press, wrapped in a sheet. Wet Bathrobe can be subjected to stretching by means of an iron at a temperature of 150 degrees. Apply the iron to the wrong side and gently pull back the fabric. When the drying Bathrobe will surely be on the bigger size.