Advice 1: How to increase the size jeans

If your favorite jeans get too small, do not rush to throw them away. To make them truly design thing is easy. The main thing is to show imagination. But if the difference in size is small, then you can just increase jeans, without changing significantly their familiar and cute heart shape.
How to increase the size jeans
You will need
  • - fabric insert (denim contrast, faux leather or suede, brocade, corduroy tight)
  • - flap denim in tone or shade close;
  • - thread tonal finishing lines on the jeans;
  • - working threads to match to the color of the jeans;
  • - a sewing machine.
Fight back from jeans brand label above the right rear pocket. Fight back zone. With the belt cut off the three rear belt loops. Unsew very carefully, without compromising the integrity of the fabric.
Strut side seams of the Trouser leg. In the classical models of jeans inseam is flat and the side seams are sewn together in the usual way, therefore, to unpick them will not be difficult.
Of additional fabric take a strip width of 2.5-3 cm From this width, 0,5 cm from each side will go to allowances. Part length equal to the length of the leg.
Sew the cut out detail on the long side to the back of the jeans lapped seam. Threads: lapped seam should absolutely match the color with the basic finishing seams on jeans. If you are unable to choose the color of thread, use conventional bridging the seam.
Turn the jeans inside out and sew the second long side of the insert towards the front of the leg. Use bridging the seam.
In the classical models of jeans front pockets, usually decorated with branded rivets. Rivets that are on the jeans side seam is located very close to the edge of the fabric and give the foot of the sewing machine to move smoothly. So make a small skip in the engine seam in the region of the side studs, and then sew it back manually.
Remove the jeans on the front side. Now each side is wider by 1.5-2 cm
The belt cut across in the place where it was stitched branded label. Here you will insert denim fabric to increase the length of the belt.
Take a break from denim flap right length belt to match in size with new width jeans. Baste it with jeans. Make a fitting.
Prostrochite box on the sewing machine. Smooth. Try the belt in the waist and make marks for the rear belt loops. As the belt length is changed, the arrangement of these parts will change, too. Sew the top ends of the loops to the upper edge of the belt.
Pristrochite belt to jeans. Sew the bottom ends of the loops. The waistband hide under the brand label. Sew it manually, simulating the engine line, seam "back needle". Try to stick the needle exactly in the place of the old punctures.
Useful advice
If your jeans no brand labels to hide the waistband, take a new belt of the same fabric, which you lengthen legs. The loops leave the old ones. You will have to alter all five pieces. Riveting on the front of your jeans, treat as well as on the sides.

Advice 2 : How to extend jeans

Unstable weight leads to unexpected surprises blouse become short and narrow, favorite jeans - small, and outerwear is put to work. But it's not so bad, because the jeans can be expanded and once again, they will fall perfectly on your figure. Simple sewing skills and the same jeans, but a size larger, will appear in your updated wardrobe. But if you just bought the pants and they are a bit tight, wait first: perhaps they will stretch to the desired size.
How to extend jeans
Remove the jeans on the left side and inspect the seams. Usually between the seam and overlock 3-5 mm. there is a loose strut Carefully thread on a seam, but the sewing machine is don't touch it. Its width is not very big on most things, so what you gain in the extra millimeters will be minimal, and the amount of work will increase significantly. Asprivate the side of the leg, and the landing place before.
Now keen to close the overlock seam or simply sew on the machine. Better make a double stitch - so it will be safer. For sewing, use a thick strong thread, unless of course you don't want to come home at a randomly flowing pants. Denim - a dense material, so the mechanical action on the thread while walking is strong enough. If your house is all bought long ago thread, go to the nearest store and buy a new skein.
As soon as the work is done, try the jeans. If they are at the time, but the belt a little too tight, remove the old button, and a little closer to the edge sew the usual beautiful button. Well, or go to a Shoe shop and you will put again the rivet, just a different place.
The pants wash and can go in the updated model of jeans without fear that they will get press. It is usually not enough for complete happiness these few millimeters that you have received as a result of simple work.
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