Take courage and armed with sewing supplies. First fight back zone. Turn the pants inside out and sew all the seams in the outline. After that, turn the pants back and try them. If you think that removed all the excess fabric, then start stitching the basting on the sewing machine. After completing this work, baste in place belt. You may have to reduce its length. For this, remove the belt and prostrochite at the transverse seams to the desired value. Baste the waistband into place. Put on your pants again and evaluate – how well you coped with the work. If your appearance is not satisfactory, pristrochite zone.Use this option only when working with a simple model, and if you want to remove just a couple inches.
You will have to suffer if your pants are decorated with pleats. If the size of the pants is quite different from yours, strut pants at the seams and prostrochite again, reducing the volume.
To reduce the length of the strut joints bending and flatten them with the iron. From the inside slide the chalk line marking the distance you want to shorten the pants. Fold the fabric along this line and make the outline. Try on the pants. If the length suits you, remove the basting, carefully cut the excess fabric, leaving not more than 3 to 4 cm, fold the pants along the line and prostrochite.
To decrease jeans use boiling. Prepare two containers. One pour cold water in another boiling water. In a container of boiling water do not add any washing powder. Many of them have a whitening effect. You may get after the procedure, the thing is much lighter than you bought. Place your jeans in the boiling water for 10 minutes and then put in cold water. If you reduced your denim pants, but not as much as desired, repeat the procedure again.