You will need
  • - detergent for wool or delicate wash,
  • - washing machine,
  • - racking.
Most likely to restore shrunken wool thing will fail. It is already impossible to return to its former condition because of wool, and any other natural yarns do not stretch. Things knitted, viscose or mixed (natural and artificial) fibres can be saved. Soak the thing for 10-15 minutes to get it properly wet.
We now put it in the washing machine, pour the powder into the container, put a program for gentle wash, set the temperature (over 30 degrees) and begin to wash. At the stage of extraction of the washing machine thing is to stretch. It is important that the fabric in the wash result was slightly damp, but not wet.
After the loop, pull the thing gently pull it even slightly with your hands until desired size and hang it on a hanger. The drying should take place in a vertical position. Periodically look for it and shake.