Advice 1: Why jeans are often torn between the legs and how to avoid it

Today jeans is in the wardrobe of everyone, because they are practical, comfortable and stylish. Many are faced with such an unpleasant problem as rubbing the jeans between her legs.
Rubbing the jeans between the legs

Causes Erasure of jeans

There are several reasons for the wiping of jeans:
1. The frequent use. Whether it is a thing and from the world's designers, but even that will not last for many years.
2. Poor thing. If jeans are very cheap, do not be surprised that after a week they will explode.
Don't overuse your favorite thing to stock up on several pairs of jeans for alteration.

3. Weight. If the jeans are sitting tight, the fabric will stretch. Therefore, between the legs there is almost no space, and the fabric is starting to wear off. Jeans will last much longer as soon as the problem will be solved with excess weight.
4. Incorrect wash cycle. Not wash the jeans in hot water, and use spin at high speeds the washing machine. A label with recommendations for the wash. Often the jeans are washed at 30-degree temperatures.
5. Incorrect sewing or mismatched model. If when sewing jeans the master took into account the direction of the grain lines when you walk the fabric will stretch. If the calculation of the direction of the fabric made is not true, the jeans will go to the load weight and the formation of protyani inevitable.

How to prevent jeans rubbing

If your favorite jeans have begun to catch up with, that's not a reason to throw them in the trash. Modern Atelier offer services to strengthen the denim. This procedure can be done at home.
If the holes have nowhere to go, the inner side of the fabric can be repaired with patches.

On the reverse side of the product it is necessary to build any durable fabric. Next, you need to stitch the jeans are barely noticeable lines, mimicking the mending. In the end, the additional fabric increases the density of the jeans, and they wear out much less. If done carefully and under the color of the fabric, the roughness will be invisible.

There are several ways how carefully and discreetly sew on patches:
• Sewing the most similar piece of fabric. It is important to ensure equity of threads match. Also need to select the precise color thread. To reinforce the structure necessary to fix the patch with an iron on the inner side of the Edges of the patches better to type prostrochit seam zigzag.
• The use of decorative multi-colored patches is huge scope for creative ideas. Such patches can be decorated with beads, beads and various embroidery.
• Leather applique. For this method you will need a piece of skin, a little more than a hole. You can cut several pieces of leather in the form of various figures and place them in several places on the product. Get an attractive decor.

Advice 2: How often are torn condoms

The condom is one of the most reliable methods of contraception, which also protects against sexually transmitted infections. This is the only method of contraception that is suitable for sudden sex.
How often are torn condoms
Condoms are made of thin latex, which is resistant to wear and tear. To prevent cracking of the product is coated in a special lubricant. But despite all the tricks, sometimes condoms break. How often does this happen and why?

It depends on several factors:

— in the presence of defects in the condom could break, but the marriage itself is very rare, less than 3% of cases;
— the use of unsuitable lubricants;
— at initially low quality products.

In all these cases, the risk of condom breakage is big enough, but even with these three reasons, condoms are torn rarely. Of the total number of products number 2 is less than 1%.

Common cause of rupture of condoms is the use of lubricants that are not provided. Since modern condoms are made of latex, for lubrication you can use only special products based on water or silicone. Vaseline and creams usually are destroying the latex and damage the top protective layer. This not only increases the risk of condom breakage, but also allows viruses and bacteria to penetrate through a condom.

Also the condom can tear if the expiration date has passed. The fact that at the time of expiry of the lubricant already on the condom dries up, and the product becomes very brittle. So if you buy an item No. 2 be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Even if the condom doesn't break, to sense from it will not — it will not protect either from unwanted pregnancy or infections.

And to buy condoms need only in pharmacies and only known brands. The fact that the well-known world producers care about the quality of their products and conduct numerous checks on the density, tensile, wear resistance and sharp movements.

You need to remember that strong enough only condoms standard thickness. Ultra-thin condoms and condoms with a variety of tendrils, spines, ribs inferior to the normal strength.

And last, when buying condoms, choose products European or American brands. Asian, and especially Japanese condoms are much thinner, because the quality standards in these countries are quite different, besides, it is possible to miss with the size. But whatever test is not passed, the condom should not tempt fate and arrange a special test of strength.

Advice 3: Why jeans are often torn between the legs and how to avoid it

The most unpleasant that can happen with jeans is the appearance of holes, and chafing between the legs. To sew such places is extremely difficult, and buy new jeans is a pity, if worn, was bought not so long ago.
Why jeans are often torn between the legs and how to avoid it
Jeans are often wiped between his legs, before the model goes out of fashion or get old. All the other scuffs and even holes can be made part of decoration, it will look stylish. But not on the ground between your legs. Particularly disappointing to find such damage on a relatively new model. How to avoid such trouble or fix it?

The laws of the market

Girls whose jeans tend to fray quickly, it is important to understand that this is not due to their size or completeness of the feet. So no need to blame yourself and to go on a diet, in General, if your figure suits you. A similar trend can be observed not only from the garment, and other things. Just think about how long you have to wear shoes or outerwear. Things wear out and break much faster than those made earlier. It's all in the laws of the market: producers are extremely profitable today to produce an expensive, solid and reliable clothes that will serve for many years, because then they will lose customers in the growing market. Much more profitable to make clothes that will last one or two seasons or even a few months, but will be inexpensive and can be thrown away without regret, forcing the client to spend the money on a new thing.

How to cope with tissue damage

Even more expensive models can break just the same as cheaper, so the price today is not an indicator of product quality. However, to cope with the problem and extend the life of your favorite jeans. To do this, immediately after purchase, glue jeans between the legs on the inner side with a special fabric, which is called dubbing. You can buy it at any fabric store. It is used for gluing the sides of the product to add strength. Material you will need quite a bit cut out small pieces, put on trouble spots and fix with an iron at a high temperature. And you can sew these pieces to be sure, but this is optional. Space between the legs after this treatment will be much stronger. Instead of fabric, you can use any other, even the artificial leather sewn into the space of possible fading. However, other material is much denser and coarser, which means it can RUB when you walk and can even cause allergies.

If a defect already exists, you can try to sew it, do the mending, although how long such a procedure is not enough. On the site of the injury, you can put a piece of denim or leather, make it an original decoration for the model. Successfully cope with holes on the jeans in the sewing Studio. If tissue damage is large, the product wizard will cut a piece, pick the matching fabric and carefully sewed a new one. Then jeans can be worn more than one season.

Advice 4: Why do jeans wear out between the legs

New jeans always bring its owner a lot of positive emotions. Happy owner of a fancy cowboy pants feels comfortable and confident. Unfortunately, sometimes the joy of owning a comfortable and practical thing passes quickly: jeans gradually begin to fray between my legs.
Why do jeans wear out between the legs
It would seem that jeans are durable "indestructible" pants, but the crotch and at the seams they are wiped often enough. Is it possible somehow to prevent or slow down this process? There are several reasons why the jeans fabric begins to thin and tear.

Weight and features of the figure

It has long been observed that the fastest jeans wear out between the legs of obese people. This is because in walking feet are touching, legs rubbing against each other. As a result, first appear fading, and then the holes in those places where the fabric is strongly stretched. The same problem exists and those who are engaged in power sports. Inflated muscles of the hips are the reason that the fabric of jeans is experiencing excessive load faster and thinner.

Quality fabric and sewing features of the product

Jeans are often torn between the legs, if they are made of low quality material, and high cost of things and a well-known label, the label is not always indicative of its impeccable quality. Much depends on the particular manufacturer and from those tissues, with whom he used to work.

The reason the gaps may be in the wrong cut of jeans, when not taken into account the direction of the grain lines. Then the details are constantly deformed, and the fabric is strongly stretched while walking.

Particular care for jeans

Failure to comply with requirements for the care of the product, the fabric is also quickly wears out, and jeans are starting to fray. The thing should be washed and ironed in the designated shortcut mode, not using the forbidden methods of purification.

How to extend the life of jeans

Any jeans will ever wear out if they to wear. Even something high quality will not last forever, so it is advisable to have in the wardrobe a couple of jeans in order to change them periodically.

To avoid fading, it is possible to buy jeans fabric, which is synthetic fibers. Jeans "stretch" will be a bit of stretch to the hips and legs free to embrace the shape. Can be worn under jeans tight underwear to reduce the volume of the body and create a between the legs extra layer of fabric.

Those who are repeatedly faced with this problem, usually immediately after the purchase of the jeans appeal in the Studio or on your own patch sewn on the reverse side, using the sliding panels fabric type mantle and nylon thread to match the piece for strength. If you blame excess weight, it is advisable to get rid of him, and until that happens, wear jeans instead of the usual pants or skirts.
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