Causes Erasure of jeans

There are several reasons for the wiping of jeans:
1. The frequent use. Whether it is a thing and from the world's designers, but even that will not last for many years.
2. Poor thing. If jeans are very cheap, do not be surprised that after a week they will explode.
Don't overuse your favorite thing to stock up on several pairs of jeans for alteration.

3. Weight. If the jeans are sitting tight, the fabric will stretch. Therefore, between the legs there is almost no space, and the fabric is starting to wear off. Jeans will last much longer as soon as the problem will be solved with excess weight.
4. Incorrect wash cycle. Not wash the jeans in hot water, and use spin at high speeds the washing machine. A label with recommendations for the wash. Often the jeans are washed at 30-degree temperatures.
5. Incorrect sewing or mismatched model. If when sewing jeans the master took into account the direction of the grain lines when you walk the fabric will stretch. If the calculation of the direction of the fabric made is not true, the jeans will go to the load weight and the formation of protyani inevitable.

How to prevent jeans rubbing

If your favorite jeans have begun to catch up with, that's not a reason to throw them in the trash. Modern Atelier offer services to strengthen the denim. This procedure can be done at home.
If the holes have nowhere to go, the inner side of the fabric can be repaired with patches.

On the reverse side of the product it is necessary to build any durable fabric. Next, you need to stitch the jeans are barely noticeable lines, mimicking the mending. In the end, the additional fabric increases the density of the jeans, and they wear out much less. If done carefully and under the color of the fabric, the roughness will be invisible.

There are several ways how carefully and discreetly sew on patches:
• Sewing the most similar piece of fabric. It is important to ensure equity of threads match. Also need to select the precise color thread. To reinforce the structure necessary to fix the patch with an iron on the inner side of the Edges of the patches better to type prostrochit seam zigzag.
• The use of decorative multi-colored patches is huge scope for creative ideas. Such patches can be decorated with beads, beads and various embroidery.
• Leather applique. For this method you will need a piece of skin, a little more than a hole. You can cut several pieces of leather in the form of various figures and place them in several places on the product. Get an attractive decor.