You will need
  • - detailed extract from the medical history;
  • - copy of passport or birth certificate (if the PMF needs child);
  • - copy of passport of one of parents (to get the quota for the child's treatment);
  • - copy of medical insurance;
  • - a copy of the policy of obligatory pension insurance;
  • - your written application to obtain the PMF.
Contact the clinic you belong to the place of residence. Specialist treating your condition, will give direction to further research. They are to be presented to the special Commission, which will make the final decision about the need for high-tech treatment. As a rule, most of the surveys analyses cannot be performed in a clinic, therefore, most likely, will require planned admission to the hospital.
After passing the examination again consult the doctor in order to make extract from the medical history, which will indicate that you have the indications for obtaining PMF. In addition, should be prepared in the appropriate direction, which should assure the head physician of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions.
With all necessary documents and medical statements, contact the Ministry of health and social development, is located at hot lane, the house 3. A special Commission of the chief physician of the city for your case and will review your documents and in the case of a positive decision will give you a pass on the provision VMP.
Along with a coupon for VMP you will be a referral to a specialized medical institution for treatment of your disease. It will show the date of admission and list of required documents. If the clinic at the moment is full, you will be entered in the waiting list.