In accordance with Russian legislation, any citizen has the right to receive a free higher education on a competitive basis (clause 3, article 5 of the RF Law "On education"). Therefore, with good abilities, tenacity and high work efficiency, any person with full secondary educationm has a real chance to enroll in the budget Department, even the most prestigious University.
Of course, the preparation for admission, you must take into account the realities of today. In such universities as Moscow state University, MGIMO, MIPT and similar contests are always huge, many applicants have significant additional training, engage with paid Tutors and have the support of influential friends. And yet, do not just give up their dreams due to fear of high competition and not always a fair selection.
It is important to know that successful entry need to start preparing as early as possible, not in the last year of school. High exam scores in core subjects does not always guarantee successful passing of entrance tests. This will require additional advances. For example, a variety of certificates on the chosen specialization, awards for participation in city and regional Olympiads, creative contests – all these achievements greatly strengthen the position of the entrant and increase its chances of success.
At many major state universities today, there are various vocational schools, specialized classes, training courses, etc. should Not neglect this opportunity. If you already chose a particular institution and profession, first ask whether there are any specialized courses or schools. These classes not only allow a better absorption of the necessary training material, but also to meet with teachers of this educational institution, to learn the existing requirements and traditions. In addition, pre-University training is a great way to Express yourself, to demonstrate to future examiners their personal qualities and knowledge.