As a rule, the characteristic of neighbors is written in any form. However, some of the backbone she needs to be. Write who composed this characteristic, place of residence of this person (including apartment). Next, specify how long he lives in your house (porch) and what the composition of his family. Then begin to describe the neighbor. If the characteristic of the collective quote: "according to the testimony of a neighbor so-and-so...". Such characteristics describes the nature of a neighbor, his participation in communal Affairs, relationships with other tenants.
At the end of the features be sure to set personal painting everyone who took part in its preparation and gave a description of the neighbor. Further, the document must be stamped. Contact the housing office or in the Board of the homeowners, so you put it on the feature print. In some cases, you may have assurance from the district that he agreed with the neighbor's characteristics and it does not contradict the obvious facts (for example, the neighbors describe the man as a model family man, a policeman has several statements from beaten this "family man" wife).
The neighborhood characteristic is purely voluntary, no one can force you to write it. However, remember that this is trifling, it would seem that the document can play a crucial role in the fate of your neighbor. The court carefully studying all the papers provided by the lawyer. Familiar with office administration people are advised to write specifications as fully as possible and in detail, to specify everything, even the smallest of good actions (helping the old lady, a neighbor, built a birdhouse, picked up a stray dog, and so on).