Both in written and in oral form, you need to highlight some of the qualities of a person in which your Respondent can get an idea about the person you characterize.
Describe how this person behaves in a team. Authoritarian person the desire to establish a clear hierarchical relations, use of force and coercive methods in resolving issues and management. Such people are usually loyal to the government and is important to them traditional, conservative values. The other trait - a love and faith in people is also manifest in relationships with others: these people are always ready to participate in public events, they are sociable, always ready to cooperate and assist others.
Such traits as stability, may indicate that the person responsible and predictable surrounding such a personality always evaluate and perceive positively. Instability, moodiness, a tendency to unpredictable behavior of others to form a negative evaluation of this type of people – they can fail at any moment, relying on them can neither work nor personal life.
Characterizes a person and the degree of self-esteem. High idea of their intelligence, appearance, behaviour and abilities allows a person in life to achieve much more than those who have lower self-esteem. Such people set themselves higher goals and solve more complex problems. People with low self-esteem – dependent and not grab the stars from the sky.
Interesting and such a character trait as a person's perception of risk. This is one of the fundamental properties, which can be quite a true judge of human individuality. Those who are prone to risk, do not spend a lot of time to think about solutions and take them, limited to the minimum information. In this case they have strongly enough developed intuition and the decisions are often more loyal than those who were adopted after long consideration.
Assess the above qualities in his characterization and it is already possible to obtain a fairly clear idea of the nature and manner of human behavior.