You need to get the grounds for appeal to the court. So first write a letter to the head of the passport office or the local administration. It does not matter exactly where you go - fit and the insurance company, and pension Fund management. Your task – to get a response from them in writing where you indicate that it is impossible to meet your request due to the fact that you have no state registration. When you submit your application, attach copies of your actual residence that specify a specific address. This can be a copy of the warrant or certificate from the house administration, receipt of payment for the apartment or certificate about obtaining the manuals, medical documents. Better at the bottom of the statements, indicate in one sentence the circumstances of the lack of registration. What need these tricks? To induce the bureaucracy to give you a reply letter with the necessary wording that will serve as the basis for going to court to establish the fact of permanent residence.
As a person of interest attracted by the passport service of the police or OVIR – immigration, if we are talking about citizenship.
The statement in the court apply the answer of an authority on your appeal, which you got by doing the first paragraph of this manual, as well as your passport. Collect all copies of the documents evidencing actual residence. Pay the state duty to the account which will receive in court.
The court may find that the submitted documents are not sufficient. In this case, write the petition to subpoena your acquaintances, friends or neighbors with the purpose of to interview them as witnesses. Do not invite as witnesses of persons who have not personally seen, how you live, because in this case they speak the truth. Perjury entails criminal liability, especially about this prevented.