Write a statement in the name of your district. His name can learn, having visited the police station in your place of residence. After the position and the name of your guardian enter information about yourself: for example: "Senior Lieutenant Ivanov N. P. from Tikhomirov Alexei Petrovich, residing at..."
As such the sample application to business neighbors do not exist, therefore, describe the essence of their claims in free form. List it than residents of other apartments hinder you: listen to loud music at night; invite companies littering the stairwell; regularly organize fights and scandals with swearing and so on.
Refer to the letter of the law. The most common standard referenced in the complaints of restless neighbors - the paragraph 3 of article 17 of the Russian Constitution ("rights and freedoms of man and citizen shall not violate the rights and freedoms of other persons"). Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from January 21, 2006 N 25 "About approval of rules of use of premises" also requires tenants to use the flat "with respect for the legitimate rights and interests residing in the residential premises of citizens."
If you asked a neighbor to be to appease their passion for music (noisy scandals or night get-togethers), but in response I heard only swearing will reflect this in its complaint. Ask the guardian of the law to qualify the behavior of the neighbor in the article 20.1 of the administrative code.
Try to support your statement, the testimony of neighbors or administrative Protocol. Do not hesitate to call 02 in the moment when you hear an overly loud noise, the sound of scandal or fight – on your signal must come and make the report. Confirm gravity of the intentions the information that you are aware about responsibility for obviously false denunciation under article 306 of the criminal code.