Inform the surname, name, patronymic and home address of the person to whom you write a review.
Specify what year the person resides at this address.
Also write about who lives and maintains a joint household, your neighbor, list the members of his family. Describe how the relationship between them (a favorable psychological climate or tense and difficult situation, frequent scandals, quarrels, fights).
Mark recall correctly the person behaves with other people: if not satisfied with the brawl, a showdown in a public place, not inviting whether systematically noisy companies that break the silence after eleven o'clock.
If your neighbor likes to listen to music and gets too loud, and your repeated dissatisfaction does not react, write about it in the opinion.
Also indicate whether the cleanliness in the entrance and on the ground near the house of your neighbor. If he smokes in the stairwell, throwing cigarette butts everywhere, leaves bags of garbage right at the entrance, be sure to tell this information. It characterizes your neighbor as ignorant and ill-mannered person who does not want to follow the rules of living together.
Describe the style of human communication with its neighbors: if he was always polite, friendly, can adequately and safely respond to the various requests and wishes, and shows whether the initiative, for example, in the landscaping yard area. If the neighbor is happy to takes part in cleanup (paint benches, breaks beds), participates in General meetings, of applications to different organizations with requests from residents of the house, it is an important remark to be opinion.
If, on the contrary, man is passive, not interested in the state of the local area, and he is not the best way affects its sanitary condition (dog Walker on the Playground, leave the car on the lawn, etc.), enter this information in the preparation of the opinion.
Write whether the observed person in an inadequate state, in strong alcoholic intoxication in a public place, arranged whether it is the scandals that showed any aggression towards people. If a neighbor was arrested by the police, and were drawn up and furnished an administrative penalty in connection with such behavior, reflect this opinion.