You will need
  • - documents on the family.
Start with factual material. Consider reasons because of which the family came under the definition of "dysfunctional." In the vast majority of cases the problems come from adults. Their asocial way of life, suspension problems, neglect of children, aggression – these are just some of the reasons that lead to a disastrous situation.
Describe the housing conditions of the family. Try to Express an objective picture, avoiding unnecessary emotions. If furnished the apartment is close to critical state the specific facts: the dilapidated state of housing, mess, lack of food, unsanitary conditions. In this case, it is advisable to mention the financial situation of the family. If it directly affects the degree of settled way of life, give their recommendations for the welfare of the family.
Consider the social contacts of the family. It can be close and distant relatives, neighbors, colleagues at work and study. Try to identify all contacts among the circle of persons that has the greatest impact on the family. You may be able to install and those who are the cause of the situation in the family. For example, alcoholism or criminal past of one of the adults can be a source of many current problems.
Be sure to find the positive side of the family. It can be creativity of children, their ability to work, desire to rectify the situation by adults, relatives.