The feature is written on the letterhead of the organization, the sheet format A-4. To write it by the chief officer HR, HR officer or administrator of the company.
The header should indicate the complete details of the organization, contact numbers and date of the document.
At the center of the page is the word – feature.
Next come the personal data of the employee. Name, date of birth, specified education and information on professional development.
Characteristics of employment. Should specify the date of employment, give information about career development, about the results of work achieved by the specialist. To specify what position a person got, what happened promotion, educational institutions, which were completed in addition to promotion.
To assess different qualities of the employee. To describe his business acumen, level of psychological stability, health, level of professionalism, describe about the rewards and remuneration, rewards and penalties applied to this employee. Specify, for what and under what circumstances the employee was awarded and awarded.
To describe personal qualities. This may include: communicating with the workforce, the General culture of the employee, the ability to deal with difficult and conflict situations-ability to organize staff and lead the work in the right direction.
To assess professional competence. Specify what experience the employee what level of professional knowledge, abilities to self-education, knowledge of normative and legal acts about the ability to deliver work on time and in due time. On the reliability of the employee, that he is always ready to work beyond the normalized graph. About diligence and willingness to help colleagues.
Describe General knowledge of a person, analytical skills, ability to organize a team, ability to maintain business relationships, to set goals and objectives, successfully execute them, the quality of work, indicate the ability to take responsible decisions about behavior in stressful and unusual situations.
To specify the attitude of the staff to the employee and the employee relationship to the collective. On the participation of employee in the public life of the collective.
In the conclusion indicates that the characteristic is given for presentation to the court.
The characteristics usually given are positive, so as not to exacerbate the difficult life situation of the person.