Any characteristic start writing with a message, name, surname, patronymic on who prepared the document. Next, specify the date and place of birth.
If you have information about the parents of a comrade, display them in the feature. For example, he is being raised in a single-parent family, a mom that works in shifts at the company, or his family is large.
Write what school your friend attends which class. For some disciplines, especially time, are there any achievements. For example:
- Passionate about precise disciplines.

- Systematically participates in the Olympiads and scientific-practical conferences in mathematics.

Has prize-winning places in Olympiads of city and regional levels.
Write to know if your friend belongs to school, not miss any classes without a valid reason.
Assess the responsibility and diligence. For example:
- Always responsibly carries out assignments in the class.

- Is the monitor.
If he has any Hobbies, like sports or foreign languages, note that in the description. Don't forget to specify any athletic success he has achieved. For example, is a candidate of master of sports or has a Junior level.
Expand its relationships with classmates than aggressiveness, irritability, or polite, tactful.
Whether has leadership qualities as kept in a critical situation. It is important points that you must reflect.
Write quickly if your friend finds a common language in the new team, whether he is sociable, knows how to win over staff.
Note how he is physically developed, healthy, no any harmful habits.
You also need to write, not whether he drives to the police, not whether it was on the account at inspectors on Affairs of minors. Specify whether he is mentally stable.