Start writing a feature on her husband with a "cap". For this top middle of the sheet write the word "Characteristic". Further note, that is, write the name of the first name and patronymic, year of birth and how old he is at the moment.
Describe good personal qualities of your husband. For example: "Has the following personal qualities: responsibility, diligence, diligence, enjoys the respect of his friends or colleagues." In this case, it is important that everything is spelled out in the quality characteristics could reflect the character of your loved one.
Write a small information that will determine the nature of your husband's at work. Here mark about his employment success at work, his current relationship with all other employees. Also, write your husband shows initiative and clarity in the workplace, how it is treated by senior managers or subordinates.
Describe its importance in the house, in your family. Is your husband the head of the family or not. Here note that this person makes to the family began to live better, what goals he has achieved and trying to achieve at the moment. If you have children, then pay attention to his attitude towards children is your husband attentive enough to them. What place it occupies in the education of children. Also, you can write about his duties in the household. Maybe your husband all day lying on the couch, not paying attention to either you or their children - in this case, do not attempt to ennoble it, and so write in the description. For example: "this person is very lazy, cares only about his comfort, selfish towards your loved ones."
Complete characterization of the known actions, or actions that can describe your spouse.