In order to correctly write the characteristics of the family, you must perform the following steps. The first is to specify the personal data of all members of the family. For example: mother – Olga V., age – 35 years education - secondary (trading.) Daughter Olga O., age 15 years, education in school.
You should continue to specify the structure of the family, which includes the following features: hidden/open, the absence/presence of male role beginning, the function of protection, spiritual, recreational and leisure functions. It is also necessary to consider the moral stability within the family.
The next step is to psychological work and psychological climate in the family. In these conditions reveals the temperament type of perception and orientation of each member of the family, her positive and negative traits.
Next is the definition of the parent position. Describes the objectives of the family, identifies the problems of the family with indication of possible solutions. This stage is essential in the formation of the characteristics of the family.
At the completion characteristics, the important role played by the position of the child in the family. Identifies its goals, the degree of confidence in each member of the family, as well as the psychological state of the child.