The basis – the law

First and foremost, ask other neighbors if they interfere with the brawler. If so, feel free to write a collective complaint to the district. First you need to study the legislation, because the treatment must be justified from the point of view of the law. After that, you should determine what results you want to achieve with this letter: perhaps you just want to warn the neighbor, or at least to evict.

Living in the era of information technology, do not be lazy to arrange everything on the computer. Neighbors join complaint, should confirm its contents with his own, then have to sign under the main text. This joint letter is an official document, and therefore the registration should be correct.

Making the neighbors complaints

Working on the complaint, follow all necessary requirements for its registration. In the upper right corner of the document mark, the name of whom it is directed, putting first post, after – the surname, name and patronymic. Write here who is the complaint, if it is collective, it is necessary to specify "from the occupants of the". In conclusion, do not forget to indicate the names of all residents who joined in. Opposite the name needs to be supplied by the individual signature of a tenant.

After you have finished the design, in the center of the sheet write a "statement". Next, proceed to presentation of the grievance. You should briefly specify the claims that apply to our neighbor, the offender, the facts date of incident, and names and address of those to whom your complaint is directed. If you have repeatedly tried to solve the problem through conversation with a neighbor or expressing his claim, also indicate this. Of course, if the results of your conversations with rowdy to no avail. If you were forced to seek the assistance of a policeman on duty and you should mention it in the document.

The conclusion of collective complaints should look like the following: "I Ask You to hold a conversation with neighbors who disturb the residents of the house, to warn them of the responsibility which the law prescribes".

After all, you need to specify the date of the writing of the statement, the surname, name and patronymic. Don't forget to leave a signature. If the complaint comes from the staff, please, specify the list of tenants, all of which joined, with the designation of their place of residence (rooms and apartments).

After receiving the complaint, the district needs to hold a conversation with would-be neighbor. If talking does not help to deal with this case will be different- from the point of view of the law on administrative offences.