You will need
  • - phone connected to the network "MegaFon"
Send a free request "Call me" to subscriber of any mobile operator in Russia. The service is free. Query free. No monthly fee. Service does not involve a special activation – it is available by default to all clients of "MegaFon".
To send a TEXT message "Call me", dial *144* the customer number to which you are applying with a request, and #. The number can either be national (8926ХХХХХХХ) and in the international format (+7926ХХХХХХХ).
After dialing you will receive a TEXT message that the interviewee requested to call you. People call you expected to receive on your behalf SMS message with the text "Subscriber HHHHHHHHHHH he asks you to call back".
Do not send more than 10 SMS messages with the request "Call me" in a day.
In addition, it is possible to send free SMS Pay for me. A TEXT message with a request to put money into the account will be sent to the client of any service provider in Russia. The person to whom you make a requestwill receive on your behalf SMS message: "the Subscriber is +7 XXXXXXXXXXXX asks You to recharge his phone number. To do this, dial *133*amount of transfer * destination number # and press . The transfer amount is specified in rubles. the Cost of translation 5 RUB. with VAT". In this case, you will receive a delivery confirmation request in a SMS message with the text: "the Subscriber XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sent a request to Your account".